An experienced beekeeper is on staff to help you make your selection.

We carry a full range of high quality beekeeping supplies.  

We currently stock 
  - Boxes, Frames, and Foundation
  - Bottling Equipment and Jars
  - Extractors
  - Tools
  - Smokers
  - Protective Clothing
  - Wildflower seeds
  - "Local Honey For Sale" signs.
  - And much, much more! 

We stock way too much to list, and can place special orders for items not in stock. Please call or stop in for pricing.

We have an extractor available to rent for $35, please
call to reserve it.

We also take bee orders in the early spring.

Be sure to stop in for all your beekeeping needs. Remember,
if we don't have it in stock, we can probably order it for you!